For guitarplayer and composer Bernhard Reinke instrumental music is a great way to enter the imagination and set the soul on fire.
 On Spotify you can listen to the six instrumental cd's he made so far.
On Soundcloud you can hear 'Together', an improvisation Bernhard recorded in September 2015 with his recently obtained Gibson L5:


But because we all have one, the human voice is probably the ultimate instrument to go straight into the heart of the listener. Besides that lyrics can add a dimension to the imagination, where instrumental music is kind of abstract for many people.
Therefore after finishing the tour of his sixth instrumental cd Mr. B felt the need to start working with vocals.


As music pieces for this project Bernhard uses existing original instrumental compositions that have 'vocal-like' melodies and writes lyrics and three or four-piece background vocals for them. He is also writing new songs. The style of Mr. B's VOCAL TOUR is related to all kinds of music like pop/rock/latin and has a pinch of jazz, in particular in the harmonies.

For the first song Bernhard Reinke has found the right singer in Amanda Kapsch. She has a powerful and poetic lead-voice and sings the challenging harmonies of the backing vocals expressive.

Waiting For The Sun

In this new project Bernhard plays all guitars and all other instruments
Because he wanted to be in control of the whole process he learned to record , edit, mix and master his own music


Bernhard is on the look for new vocal talent to record more of his songs!
Listen to "Waiting For The Sun" on